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Our Story


Meet Bryce: Growing up in rural Alberta, my access to healthcare resources were limited. In particular, my family was impacted by skin diseases such as psoriasis, lupus, and skin cancer, which eluded the detection of local general practitioners. My desire to pursue medicine was impacted by the difficulties my family faced to access specialized care, and we did not even know a dermatologist was a profession in the management of many things debilitating conditions our family faced. I am currently in my final year of medical school and I hope to be able to serve the rural and indigenous communities in need of dermatological care. Many people are not aware that the breadth of disease treated by Dermatology is more than any other medical specialty, with physicians being able to diagnose and manage over 3000 diseases. Furthermore, these diagnoses are often clinical, with the ability of dermatologists to recognize visually and make a huge impact to improve patient’s quality of life. My dream is to improve access to specialized care for geographically isolated and indigenous communities both by complementing existing infrastructure and using my education to travel and treat those in need.  


Meet Ravina: My family spent most of their upbringing in rural Alberta, moving from places such as Hinesburg, Elk Point, and St. Paul. Living in rural Alberta, meant everyone helped each other out. The humble quality of lending a hand to those in need was the foundation that helped my immigrant family survive, moving to such a small and isolated town. As Indian immigrants, we also valued education highly, and my grandfather taught in these small localities to give back for all their help. My father eventually attended the University of Alberta and became a physician, and made it his mission to provide psychiatric services to indigenous and rural communities. While struggling through his battle with Multiple Sclerosis, he still prioritized care to underserved communities, recognizing how important it was to be seen. His heart remained with the people he grew up with, many of whom were indigenous people. My middle name was given as a reminder to me - of the people - Cheyenne, origins within the community. I have always tried to serve those in need and recently and devoted my effort back to the communities close to my heart - rural Alberta. My expertise in public policy, minority health,  and data technology have inspired me to start INLET to give back to the rural communities close to my heart.