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Meet the Team

Bryce Thomsen

Co-founder and Chief of Executive Officer

Bryce is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Alberta and an alumnus of PLLC and the Queen Elizabeth Scholars program. He was recently awarded Alberta's Top 30 Under 30 and SU's Outstanding Innovation of the Year for his AI software company which uses precision medicine to target health disparities. He is a published academic in the New England Journal of Medicine and a bio entrepreneur with TEC Edmonton and Edmonton Health City, his team recently developing a novel HPV screening swab to better detect precancerous cervical lesions in partnership with rural African Hospitals. In his spare time, Bryce likes to scour Edmonton for the best chicken shawarma (it's at Sunbake Pita Bakery) or enjoys spending time in NYC and Paris to visit his supermodel sister, Victoria. 


Co-Founder and Project Manager

Ravina is a highly motivated student who is passionate about solving societal issues from an interdisciplinary lens. Having combined her studies and research in biological science, sociology, and policy, Ravina has travelled around the globe analyzing the intersection between politics, philosophy, and innovation. Growing from experiences in Germany, Poland, Israel, Taiwan, Portugal, and Switzerland, Ravina has leveraged her career into the technology industry leading to a collaboration with TEC Edmonton and the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Health Accelerator. As a UN delegate, published author, and international guest speaker, Ravina is passionate about bringing these skills to her home country as the founder and current COO of INLET Health and Wellness, empowering patients with personalized healthcare. With experience in municipal initiatives and community advocacy, she was awarded Top 30 Under 30, recognized as Volunteer of the Year by the Alberta government and has been invited to meet the President of Taiwan. She has successfully founded the Female Laboratory of Innovative Knowledge, Canada's first female apprenticeship portal. Her academic pursuits led her to receive the President’s Medal for academic excellence and student leadership and a nomination for the 3M National Student Fellowship, Rhodes and Fulbright Scholarship. In her free time, Ravina enjoys conceptualizing the future of precision medicine, writing the script to her debut musical, and finding the cheapest places in Vancouver to buy sushi.

Katie Fitzgerald

Chief of Marketing Officer

Katie is a fourth year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Alberta with a major in Strategic Management & Organization and a minor in Marketing. Her interest in marketing stems from her love of being creative and finding new and intriguing ways to tell stories. Her major in Strategic Management has so far assisted her in learning the basis of being an effective leader and how to work well within a team environment. 


Katie has a passion for making connections and improving the lives of others within our local and global community. Whether she am volunteering in India with Free the Children or planning Wish Enhancement activities with the Make A Wish Foundation, she is always looking for more ways to lend a helping hand.

Dorsa Nahid

Chief of Technology Officer

Dorsa Nahid is a fourth-year University of Alberta student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (Co-op). Dorsa is an influential and devoted student leader, as evidenced by her involvement with a multitude of student groups. She has served as the Engineering Students’ Society Vice President of Services, the University of Alberta General Faculties Engineering Councillor, and continues to play an active role on a variety of committees across campus. Dorsa is a strong advocate for the academic rights of students, and has spent the past two years representing students on the Faculty of Engineering Academic Planning Committee. Last year, Dorsa delivered a speech on behalf of the women in engineering at the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. During her time at the University of Alberta, Dorsa has received a number of awards and accolades. One such award is the Tom Lancaster Memorial Award, which is awarded to students who have made an outstanding contribution to student life on campus through dedication and a strong commitment to others. Another such award is the Dean’s Research Award; this award allows Dorsa to conduct research on biomedical engineering topics with a focus on the superimposition of 3D images. Her research has allowed her to determine the true effects of orthodontic treatment versus image distortion and bone growth. A passionate and life-long learner, Dorsa hopes to pursue a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity upon the completion of her Bachelor’s degree.